Where to go for Shabbat in Krakow, Poland?

Once Krakow was Jewish spiritual center for regions Galitzya and Silesia, but what about now? (Krakow, January 2018)

Jewish Communities in Krakow

Jewish community (kehila) is a traditional way of leading Jewish life. Before the War there were in Krakow 119 houses of prayer (betei midrash) and synagogues and many independednt kehilot, religious groups and also chassidic courts (hacerot). Members of kehila live together their Jewish life, democratically elect board and other committees, have common budget. Kehila hires rabbis and cantors, organize Shabbat and Holiday celebrations and fulfills other social, religious and cultural needs of its members. Members support the kehila financialy by membership fees, voluntary donations (tzedaka) and by volounteer work. Today in Krakow exist three kehilot: Ortodox/Modern Orthodox, Progressive/Reform and Chabad.

Movements in Judaism

Movements in Judaism differ based on approach to social participation of members, adapting social changes and method of learning/teaching.

For example traditional movements - chabad, orthodox, modern orthodox, masoreti etc. don't allow women to fully participate in religious and social life on the same level as men.

Movements originated secod half of the 19 century - reform/progressive/liberal and conservative even let women to be rabbis!

Despite of that all of the movements in Judaism are however based on the same texts and the same theology, so there is nothing strange in fact that in one family there are members of different movements at one Pesach table. This is actually most common situation nowadays!

Another example of a great pluralism in Judaism is the fact that in Israel conversions of reform/progressive/conservative movement are recognized as well as orthodox conversions. Actually every conversion case is processed independently, or through orthodox rabbinate (orthodox conversions) or through govermental (non-religious) institutions (non-orthodox conversions).

So where to go for Shabbat? If you are already a member of a synagogue, you will probably know. But if you are not familiar with the religion, please keep in mind that in an orthodox/chabad synagogue you may be asked to attend the service/prayers from a balcony or a special place for women - if you are a woman of course :) - and probably away from you husband/wife boyfriend/girlfriend or adult children of opposide gender.

Krakow's Jewish Community Council

Gmina Żydowska Wyznaniowa w Krakowie

denomination: orthodox

Shabbat and Holiday Prayers
in Synagogue Kupa or Remu


The Council acts as official Jewish Body
representing Krakow's Jews to the goverment
according to the Polish law
(Bill for Relations between The Polish State
and Jewish Communities, year 1997)

Chabad Krakow

denomination: Chabad
rabbi: Eliezer Gurary

Shabbat and Holiday Prayers
in Synagogue Izaaka
(18 Kupa St. See on the map >>)


Chabad also has Jewish kindergarden
available for Jewish children
of all denominations and a kosher store.
Chabbad rabbi leads lessons for
children in Sunday school
at Czulent Jewish Association -
association which has under its auspicies
The Remu Jewish Library,
publishes books and leads various projects.
The Czulent Association defines itself
as an non-religious organization.

Beit Kraków

Jewish Progressive Community

denomination: progressive/reform
rabbi: Tanya Segal

Shabbat and Holiday Serivces in various places
(The High Synagogue, The Old Synagogue,
Beit Midrash - Jewish Culture Center Judaica
other museums and private spaces)


Beit Kraków is an artstic Jewish community
leads educational and artistic programs
opened for all Jewish and non-Jewish
Krakow citisens and guests visiting Krakow.
Beit Kraków members are also founders
of Jewish Theatre in Krakow
which director is Rabbi Tanya Segal.
The community is supported by fundation
Center for Reform and Progressive Judaism.


Czulent Jewish Association,
Social-Cultural Association of Polish Jews, Department Krakow (TSKŻ)
Jewish Culture Festival Association

Foundations, museums, bookshops, galeries etc.

Historical Museum of City of Krakow - The Old Synagogue,
Museum The High Synagogue and Austeria Bookshop,
Center for Jewish Culture - Judaica Foundation,
Jewish Museum Galicia,
Foundation Jewish Community Center,
Galeria Szalom
Remu Jewish Library
Klezmer Hois
Fundation Free Walkative Tours....

If you know more or have questions please contact us at office@shabbatinkrakow.com